We cater for all types of events from weddings to all types of celebrations, charity balls and dances, festivals and fetes, and even bringing a local pub to villages that no longer have one for a weekend.

We have a stillage that can hold 4 real ale casks or a mixture of cask ales and real cider.

This is along side a full bar filled with bottled beers, craft beer, wines, prosecco, gins and spirits. All we need to know is how many ales and/or ciders you require, what ones you would love to be drinking and we will be happy to advise and source them helping you to create a bespoke and unique bar for your event.   


Depending on the size of the event and amount of real ale preferred we will either arrive on the day with decanted ale or couple of days before to set the cattle trailer in position so we can rack, settle, tap and vent the ales for a perfect fresh tasting pint. No Hand pulls just good old traditional gravity pouring, our favourite way.

For every event there is a license required from the local council. We will take care of the application and acquire the license before the event. We ask for at least 10 working days notice before the event so that the license can be processed and received.

We recommend for up to 100 people:

1-2 real ale cask

Comes with 1-2 box cider and full bar

fully bespoke- £200

Wish to have more cider than ale?

Have you dietary requirements i.e. gluten free or vegan?

Organising an event for charity or would like more information?

Contact us so we can fully bespoke the trailer and provide an accurate quote accordingly.


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Based Coltishall, Norfolk